In just two decades one single device has transformed the lives of nearly everybody on the planet, and that device is the mobile phone.  It’s not uncommon for people to be using the phone dozens and for some people hundreds of times per day.  You may even be reading this post on a phone at this very moment!

Repetitive smartphone usage has lead to some unexpected and unwanted consequences through.  According to recent studies a new phenomena known as “text neck” is is a repetitive neck strain injury is becoming common.  Neck pain often increases in older people, but it’s becoming more common in teens and children and can lead to lower back pain  and shoulder discomfort.

According to a study published on the NIH website  the problem is a growing and common one among university students and teens.

So here are some simple actions you can take to alleviate “text neck”:

  1. Get Straight.  Stand up if you are sitting and face straight ahead and adjust your body so your standing correctly balanced between your feet and you neck over your shoulders.
  2. Roll Your Shoulders.  Take a few moments while standing to arch your neck and upper back backwards and roll your shoulders up to your ears.  Repeat this a few times to loosen up your upper body.
  3. Look Ahead.  Lift that smartphone off your lap and move it up to eye level.  This will bring your head up and relieve the stress on your neck.


We love our smartphones and we probably can’t live without them, but we can take the time to make sure we use them wisely.