We all know that having good posture makes you look look taller, more alert, and ready for action, but is it true that having good posture is actually better for you? We in fact it’s true. Poor posture can interfere with everyday tasks and eventually lead to neck, back and leg pain.

Sitting, standing or even lying down in a poor posture for a length of time can put stress on ligaments, joints and your muscles, and without correction can become a habit that is hard to break.

When you use your core muscles (abdominals and back) to maintain correct alignment you body moves more efficiently and overall your structure is more supported allowing you to move your limbs more freely and comfortably. It takes less energy to move around helps with muscle weakness, pain, fatigue and coordination problems.


  • Keep your head midline and between your shoulders
  • Keep your chin tucked in
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed down and back
  • Keep you butt tucked in
  • Bend your knees slightly
  • Keep your feet slightly apart in line with your shoulders and weight divided equally between them


  • Holding your head to the side or forward of your shoulders
  • Jutting your chin out
  • Hunching your shoulders
  • Having your knees locked
  • Having your back too straight
  • Favoring your weight on one leg